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Microblading of eyebrows, ✰ The latest in semi permanent makeup

We all know that the face is the mirror of the soul and the eyes is the main part of the face to show off a nice look.

So it is important to have a perfect eyebrows combined with a few good tabs.

In this blog we are going to talk about the novel technique of Microblading.

Everything you need to know about its advantages and all the development of the technique. You can also see the article in English: eyebrows microblading

You can solve all your doubts about this treatment of semipermanent makeup.


The Microblading is an innovative beauty treatment that allows you to have a perfect eyebrows using the technique of the semipermanent make-up done hair by hair, allowing it to modify the shape and color of the eyebrow. It is recommended for people who for some reason want to increase the density of your eyebrows in the most natural way possible.

For example, people who because of health problems, stress, or hormonal problems may have had loss of hair on the eyebrows, or simply have eyebrows depopulated and would like to do a reconstruction of the same.

This technique provides the opportunity to show off some perfect eyebrows and natural, resulting in an increase of the beauty of the face.

In the case of people who have little volume in the eyebrows, the microblading makes the filling of the eyebrow whole, thus increasing the volume of the same.

Microblading: hair hair…

This technique of hair to hair, provides a much more natural your eyebrows, as you draw each hair giving a very natural look.

The pigments have to be natural, and the color should be tailored to each client to give more realism in the work. For example: a blond person you must use a pigment of light brown color. Or a person with brown hair, then you should use pigment medium brown. And so on. The basis for choosing the pigmentation is always the hair, the eyes and the skin.

This technique is very precise and the professional should be able to do it, so as not to damage the skin and eyebrows.

What is the difference between micropigmentation and traditional microblading?

The main difference between the two types of micropigmentation is basically the following:

micropigmentation traditional you get a less natural-looking, leaving the pigment more rough and thick.

With the technique of Microblading is done with more precision and the hairs are more real and natural. Is more superficial than the micro-since the pigments are left in the epidermis. The tebori (instrument with which to perform the technique) is not
connected to electricity, this work solely depends on the hand of the professional. On the other hand, part of the best result, the microblading is more economical than the micropigmentation. The effect produced is that of a look more clean and deep, increasing the beauty of the face of the woman.


It is a technique relatively quick and easy, being the time spent on the completion of the treatment approximately an hour. However, it is a beauty service advanced, fast execution. So the time of the completion of the work is lower than that in the micro.

Generally this technique takes approximately 1 year to 1 year and a half, depending on a number of factors, both from within the professional (experience, technique, materials, etc) as habits of the client and the type of skin you have.

For example, if the client has a habit of using a hat or cap and sun cream face daily, this pigmentation can last longer, due to their good habits.


The price of microblading in the eyebrows can oscillate between 180 and 250 € depending on the Center. The main factors to set the price of the service of the microblading are: Facility location, level of training and experience of the professional, quality of the materials and products used and number of repetitions included. There may also be difference in the price of the service depending on the area where to perform: in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville tends to be around the 200 – 250 €.So there is no doubt that the people who carried out this treatment premium and novel are very satisfied.

Results of the microblading:

The final results of the microblading are a few eyebrows very realistic and natural. Unlike the micro, the treatment is done hair by hair, by implanting the pigment in the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin), thus making the path of the hair are appreciated and a feeling of naturalness and depth, unlike the micropigmentation. The treatment can be done both in women as in men, achieving an increase of the density of the brows in the most depopulated areas, being able to look eyebrows more uniform and more attractive, enhancing in this way the beauty of the face.

The main advantages of the application of this technique is the following:

  • Increase of the densityin the eyebrows depopulated due to multiple factors ( injuries of the skin, peels, diseases, effects of the quimioterapía, etc.)
  • Get some eyebrows natural and realistic, adapting the shape of the same characteristics of the face of each person, achieving in this way, using the technique of visagism, a few eyebrows of film.
  • Natural Colorof the eyebrows. The tone will depend on the color of the skin, eyes and hair of each person.
  • Forget about the daily makeup of eyebrows, being able to show off some nice eyebrows for a long period of time.
  • The time of durationof the is technique is usually of approximately a year, however, can vary in function of the execution of the professional, the quality of the products of microblading, the type of skin, the health of the client and the after care (use of sunglasses, sunscreen, etc)

Contraindications of microblading

The microblading is not recommended for people who have diabetes, take blood-thinning medications,
allergy, with a history of keloids, and pregnant women.

I have already done the micropigmentation in the eyebrows through another technique. Can you get the microblading?

You can, if the stain is already bleached and you will get some eyebrows more natural.

If you are interested in trying the art of microblading in your brows, our advice is that you seek a professional with experience in a good Center that provides a full guarantee to get 100% satisfaction.

Care to post microblading:

Do not come in contact with water or any other liquid for 7 days after treatment of microblading (even a small drop that seems unimportant will expand the wound and see the scab.

Disinfect the affected area with a small amount (one spray on a cotton pad for both eyebrows) of witch hazel, 70% alcohol or any other liquid disinfection 2-4 times a day. If the skin is oily make sure that your eyebrows are clean and dry. Disinfect more times if it appears excess sebum.

To avoid the dryness if your skin is dry, use a saline solution daily for disinfection 2 times a day and witch hazel, 1 time a day, in place of alcohol or witch hazel 3 times a day.

In case of itching, you can use Bactine, which contains lidocaine and benzalkonium chloride. Also to disinfect the area.

From the fourth day of treatment and in case of dryness, after routine disinfection, use a very small amount of coconut oil or grape-seed. The application has to get you a little wet oil the eyebrows, without getting to have any residue.

After 7 days you can use mild soap and a soft or cleaner non-greasy to keep clean eyebrows.

Do not use creams with vitamins or antibiotics in the eyebrows.

Do not do exercises that cause sweating at least the first 2 days after treatment.

Avoid saunas, baths in public swimming pools, beaches , or other areas of risk for at least the first 2 weeks.

Do not take the sun, solarium or tanning for 4 weeks.

Do not tint the eyebrows, avoid chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, botox and other similar treatments during 4 weeks.

Do not use cosmetics on the affected area for 2 weeks

As we can see, we should be a few days without being able to go to any cosmetic cream or makeup. If we have some event and we’re going to lend us a photo, there is a quick and efficient solution so that we can see pretty one day and is simply download an app to do makeup photos and to be able to “pintarnos” as you want.

You can also see how is the microblading lip – in this article, or to achieve some larger eyes.

If you have any question or query please do not hesitate to comment! Do not forget to share it on the social networks, we will make a great favor!

Currently the treatment of microblading is having an exponential growth, having in many cases more demand than supply, because it is a new service imported from countries that have had plenty of success. This situation has caused leaving many professionals who perform this technique, with the potential risk that this entails.

If you are a beauty professional or micropigmentation and want to introduce in this novel, at the same time cost-effective technique, you must take special care when choosing a course of microblading with a trainer or a trainer that you are going to prepare to be able to develop this treatment; you should take into account the following factors:

  • Experience of the trainer:the trainer must have a background proven in the world of design of eyebrows, and have performed many treatments of microblading to customers

  • Feedback:positive feedback is the result of good work and that students have used successfully the course and have come out happy.

  • Have a high-quality training: when choosing the right course it is important to take into account the quality of the same more than the price. It is a very common mistake to choose the course that is cheaper in both the quality of the same.

  • Contact with the trainer:after the course of the microblading is normal that leave many types of questions, so it is important that the student be able to count with the teacher for any question or query.

  • Materials included in the course:keep in mind that the courses can be bid with or without Kit. The standard price of a kit is $ 150, so when choosing the course it is important to take this factor into account.

These are the most important points when choosing a course of this novel technique.

The margin to take into account the course that you are going to do, one of the most important things is the subsequent practice that will have the professional with real clients and the knowledge obtained by using materials obtained in the course or other resources, both for specialized pages such as with books specialized in the treatments of microblading

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