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Since Kim Kardashian, Sienna Miller, or Clear Lake among other famous people made popular the method of recoloring is becoming more popular. Here you have the best tips to mold your face with cosmetics and without surgery!
To make the molded, you can begin to draw lines mate to the plane of the face, the sanctuaries and the sides of the nose. A element had been used two shades darker than your skin as a base for makeup, tanning, or even powder eye shadow.

Lights, helping you with your highlighter or concealer highlighting the territories of your face you need to highlight or profile applied on the nasal septum, eyebrow, eyelid repair, in the cheek, above the upper lip and chin.
Finally, out of focus, tying together both tones to achieve a tone homogeneous with a wipe of cosmetics, or with the help of the fingers to mix the cosmetics with the skin equal.
As you sharpen your nose: “an artist of the face is applied to the subdued tone of its base on both sides of the nose. Use of powder clear on the central line, obscures the limits to achieve a typical result. At that time applies the tone dull under the bone to the center of the cheek and used the lighter shade on the highest point of your cheekbones to illuminate with them. Finally, darkening of the shapes with the fingers for a termination feature,” says Jack, craftsman cosmetics official Maybelline New York.
Hidden a jaw sensitive: because of a jaw visible, sombrearíamos in a range darker of the jaw. In the event that despite the clumsiness of the jaw in addition, there is an imbalance in the chin, shade the base of the chin,” says Lewis Amarante, craftsman of authority makeup of Max Factor.
Upload your fall look: “for a look or fall with packages of exceptionally prints, never profiles the eye of the water-based, reliable, on the top line. Makes a state of light under the arch of the brow with your highlighter or concealer and cosmetics full making a crown weak to flush with the top lashes with a eyeliner in impact cash,” says Lewis Amarante, Max FactorRelated Posts


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