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Permanent lip – a great tool for women living a full life and do not want to look in the bag a pocket mirror and lipstick after each drinking a Cup of coffee. With it, you will always perfectly painted: during meals, work and even at night.

Permanent makeup will help:

to increase the volume of thin lips;
wanted to raise their drooping corners;
to make the brightness of the pale lips.

The colour palette pigments used for permanent makeup lip is very wide: with light, almost unnoticeable paint can visually increase or decrease the volume of the lips, to make more clear their path. Color by 1-2 shades brighter than natural to help cope with the pallor of the lips. Bright colors provide the effect of “permanent lipstick”.

Depending on what result you want to get permanent makeup lips can be not only different colors, but in different amounts:

Contour tracings

This kind of permanent allows to correct the blur of the contours of the lips and outlines them as you would a pencil. So this makeup not allocated not painted on the lips, he holds pigments whose color is the same natural or slightly warm tint. As a self-contouring procedures, the stroke is indicated in cases where nothing but lack of clarity of the contour of the lips no need to fix. Often rendering loop should be supplemented with a feather.

Permanent makeup – contour the outline of the lips

Contour with shading

Feather loop, gradually turning into a natural color of the lips, allows you to perform a contour stroke of brighter colors while maintaining a “natural” makeup. Feathering can be partial (one-third or half of the surface of the lips), and complete. It allows you to adjust the shape of the lips, to give the saturation of their color. But the feather is not suitable for thin lips because it can hide their volume – in this case, you need 3D permanent.

Permanent makeup lips contour with shading

3D technology

Professional makeup lip makeup is performed with the simultaneous application of several colors, creating a play of light and shadow. Also in permanent make-up: the highlights (lightening the middle portion of the lips), darkening of the corners, difficult transitions between shades give lips relief volume.

3D permanent makeup lips

With 3D makeup sometimes stained not just the red border of the lips is a small gradient lightening of the surrounding skin (make-up, this effect is called “lip light”) in many cases not only increases their contrast and volume, but also refreshes the entire face, makes it younger.

Colors 3D permanent makeup is very diverse: from natural subtle tones, providing “transparency” of the lips, to bright, saturated – for “permanent bright lipstick”. There are even pigments creating the effect of lip gloss.

Before the procedure

Feature of permanent makeup lips is the need to prevent aggravation of herpes. This virus infected more than 90% of the population of large cities. Only for some people it almost does not manifest itself, and others – will recur frequently. Permanent makeup is the many microscopic injections and such mechanical stimulation often provokes exacerbation of herpes labialis.Because the herpes blisters are not only unpleasant in themselves, but can affect the outcome of the permanent makeup, such as prophylactic administration of antiviral drugs into the necessary. Specific medication (Zovirax, he needs therapy with valtrex, Famvir, etc) and the scheme of its reception, you will be assigned in the preliminary consultation.

Plan the date of permanent makeup so that you had the opportunity the next 1-2 days is not going to work.

Take with you to the consultation lipstick, cosmetics lip gloss, which usually use – this will help you to explain to the master what makeup you like, what you expect from a permanent..


On the General principles for permanent makeup read here.

In accordance with your wishes the wizard will draw the sketch permanent on your lips special markers. The procedure will begin only after you are sure that the sketch is fully consistent with your expectations.

Anesthesia for the permanent makeup of lips is performed or the application method (with the use of anesthetizing creams and gels) or injecting (providing a complete lack of sensitivity). In some cases, the first application of several points of the contour is performed without anesthesia.

The duration of the session of permanent makeup of lips lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Sometimes (for example, in some variations, the 3D make up) it is expedient to conduct it in several sessions.

Care after the procedure

The healing period after permanent makeup of lips lasts 3-7 days. Puffiness of the lips is maintained not more than 2 days. The first two days, the permanent will look too bright.

On the first day the lips will be slightly wet – primakovite them (rubbing is not necessary) with a cloth moistened with 0.05% solution of chlorhexidine or 0.01% miramistina (these complete solutions are sold in any drugstore).

Then on his lips formed a thin crust. Through the permanent will look faded. Your task – to protect the crust. Don’t try to peel or soak! They function as “natural bandage”, providing optimal conditions for healing of the lips and stripped off themselves after a few days.

If feel dry lips to lubricate them with a thin layer of cream “Bepanten Plus” (cream, not ointment with the same name).

Try to wet your lips, drink hot and cold liquid drink through a straw.

Cosmetics for lips-you can start using after the convergence of the crusts.

In the first week after permanent make-up, try to avoid exposure to wind and frost.

Summer for not less than three weeks after the procedure before going outdoors should use a sunscreen lipstick of SPF (more than 20).

Within two weeks after permanent makeup can sunbathe, relax in the sauna and swim.

When in doubt, that the healing is going well – please call us.

A month lips reached the desired brightness, you can estimate the result and necessity of correction of permanent – call to schedule a consultation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it worth doing permanent makeup lips if herpes in this area are often exacerbated?
In patients with recurrent cold sore permanent makeup should be planned not earlier than one month after the disappearance of the last of his signs. If the relapses occur once a month or more often – should first seriously to tackle this problem.

Is it worth it to sign up for permanent lip before a trip to the Spa?
It is desirable to plan the procedure so that before you travel to the resort at least 3 weeks.

Tattooing, increase lip volume, better than fillers?
With permanent makeup, 3D technology, can give lips volume. But much to increase them by progressively region beyond the boundaries of the natural contour of the lips is not worth it – it’s not too nice, especially when the relief circuit, which is typical for young lips. The use of contouring will provide a more pronounced result. Contour correction and permanent makeup are not mutually exclusive, but complementary methods and sometimes they should be combined.If you are planning such a combination, it is best to do contouring, and then, after 1-2 months – permanent makeup of the lips.

How much time is saved the permanent makeup on your lips?
Over time, the color of the permanent, fade and speed of this process is very individual. With an average of about 2 years. After permanent make-up, made for the first time, it is usually less than after repeated sessions. When carrying out the correction of 1 every 1 to 3 years permanent lip makeup will look flawless for an unlimited time!

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