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How to do makeup eyebrows easily

We have already seen above how to have your lips completely irresistible, and now we have to know how to put make-up on the brows easily with these simple tipsOne of the most important parts of the face are the eyebrows, but few times the women give a real importance. The eyebrows frame the eyes helping us to achieve a look weak or powerful, this will depend on the care that we give and the way in which the maquillemos. But if you don’t know how to do this, today we teach you how to do makeup eyebrows easily, so that you achieve the look that you always wanted.

Makeup eyebrows easily

  1. Use a hair-removal is always important when a few eyebrow hairs are out of place. But eye, the idea is not to be left with a thin line of eyebrows, because these don’t look good.
  2. It is important to know that not all brows need makeup, when they are very populated, it is not necessary to do so.
  3. A way of making-up eyebrows easily is using pencil to help perfilarlas, but always choosing two shades more if your hair is very dark and two-tone less if your hair is very clear.
  4. To leave your brows completely in place and smooth the you should always comb, so they are ready for the makeup.It is also important to have a brush having its bristles in diagonal, this will help you apply makeup easier.
  5. If you prefer to shape your eyebrows with a shadow, and not a brush, you should apply it with the help of the brush always in the direction that the hair grows, filling the spaces in the whites, achieving perfect brows.
  6. But if you prefer to use a pencil for this, you draw a line across the eyebrow, but always in the direction of the hair growth. To after blend well with the brush.
  7. Finally you can apply a mascara that is transparent on the eyebrows, so the makeup on your eyebrows is to apply well and not run. Although also a little bit of petroleum jelly works very well and fulfils the same function.
Updated: April 24, 2017 — 1:14 pm

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