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Introducing The Latest Georgia Microblading Classes Certification Course

Microblading is the new black! Get the brows you’ve always wanted without the unnatural look of a tattoo. Everyone desires and deserves a natural, robust brow! Say goodbye to pencil and faded permanent make-up block brows thanks to our innovative 3D eyebrow embroidery training technique in the Georgia area.
“Browway” specializes in state of the art brows that will last up to 3 years. This technique creates a brow with beautiful pigment that is certified and safe, we manually draw hair strokes in their natural direction. No Machine is used. The tattoo look is not “in,” and a machine can’t get the detailed strokes like cosmetic eyebrow tattooing classes.

How to shape eyebrows with razor lessons

Brush your brows directly upwards using a fine-toothed common comb or a small toothbrush. If there are any longer hairs that overlap with your natural shape on top of your brows, trim them down using a small pair of scissors.

Clean the eyebrow surface area. Apply pre-wax cleanser on eyebrows and around the skin, and then apply a light amount of powder using a cotton swab.

Apply the wax equally in the direction of hair growth using the applicator stick to shape your eyebrow. Only apply enough wax to cover the eyebrow hair surface where you want the hair removed. Do not apply too much wax so that it oozes onto hair that you do not want to remove.

Apply the strip in the direction of hair growth, leaving a tab at the end of the strip. Press on it and firmly smooth your hand across the strip a couple of times into the direction of hair growth, to assure that the wax is sticking into the hair and to check if the wax has slightly cooled down.

Eyebrow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions because the existing hairs are extended with fiber extensions to give more length and color or both. As with eyelash extensions this skills requires practice to make perfect. Each hair receives only one extension. Scars can be camouflaged with eyebrow extensions. Brow Sculpting can only be applied and removed by a professional and is a repeat treatment which is recommended every 2- 4 weeks. A low initial investment and low product cost per treatment, gives you a fantastic opportunity to sustainably grow your business and profits Brow Sculpting provides eyebrow definition that are very natural and light effect, extreme and dramatic, dark and voluminous look or to increase depth.

Hold on to the tab end of the strip that is not attached to hair. Press on the skin at the end of the brow with one hand, and abruptly pull the strip in the reverse direction of hair growth. Never pull up, which might your natural tendency. Afterwards, push the hand downward onto the skin to help ease some of the pain. This strip can be used again to stick to and remove any remaining hair.

Continue on your other brow, the midsection, and on top of your brows. Then use tweezers to remove any stray hair on top that is outside the natural shape of your eyebrow.

After the procedure, you can clean the remaining wax off your skin using petroleum jelly, baby oil, or any wax remover.

Apply a lotion or gel that is water based to soothe the skin after waxing.

Hot wax can burn your skin and hurt your eyes. Sharp scissors can do unrepairable damage to them. If you do waxing yourself, read the directions carefully, be careful, and if you have any doubts, have a the professionals at a beauty shop do the eyebrow waxing for you.

3D Eyebrow Training Course Information


Whether it’s called “microblading”, “eyebrow embroidery”, “microstroking”, “semi-permanent makeup”, “cosmetic tattooing”, “pigment embroidery” or “3D eyebrow embroidery”, it’s undeniable that this new technique is the new big thing in salon treatments and permanent makeup. When I first started seeing microblading before & after pictures popping up on the Internet, I didn’t really believe them. They were the definition of too good to be true! The before pictures looked a lot like the eyebrows I had seen in my day to day life as a makeup artist and eyebrow technician: sparse, uneven, short, or spaced too far apart. The afters? Perfect, natural looking, lush, symmetrical brows!

Our training in Eyebrow Embroidery gives you as a salon owner/beauty therapist the opportunity to bridge the gap in the market for a treatment that means clients don’t have to ‘fill in’ their brows every morning but also do not have to commit to a more permanent treatment which lasts up to 2 years. This treatment is trained to the highest standard, teaching understanding of pigments and how to mix colours to suit each individual clients needs and look. Technique is the foundation to creating the perfect brow, it is imperative that you take in to consideration the way the clients hairs grow and also look at their face shape to get the overall desired effect.

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