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1. What is permanent makeup?

Permanent MakeUp is a non-surgical treatment that replicates ‘conventional’ make-up flawlessly by infusing the skin with sterile coloured pharmaceutical grade pigments. The results are immediate and long lasting, bringing balance and definition to your facial features.

2. Who is permanent makeup suitable for?

It is for every woman who wants to have perfect makeup with the unique benefit that it lasts way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer. It is also for women who want to feel good about themselves, it can bring life changing benefits for those who suffer hair loss after chemotherapy or from alopecia. Simply, it can bring confidence to those who cherish great brows, defined eyes or beautiful lips.

3. Does it hurt?

Our clients report treatments with Perfect Makeup are significantly more comfortable than elsewhere. We never rush, which combined with our expertise ensures maximum comfort throughout.

4. Is permanent makeup safe?

Yes, in our hands extremely safe. Besides our expertise and years of experience, we observe the highest standards of hygiene, use the very best technology and buy our needles and microblades from reputable NYC distributors which guarantees Gamma Sterilisation, thus your safety. As this is an invasive treatment, we use only disposable implements and needles; Clinically tested, non-toxic, sterile, hyper-allergenic pharmaceutical grade pigments, selected for their 100% purity and proven safety; German medical grade digital machines which are EU and USA Safety regulated.


5. What if I don’t like it?

Part of our skill is understanding what you want or, from the outset, need. We will never do anything permanent until you’re 100% happy and we’ll say so if we don’t think we can meet your needs. Remember, we will demonstrate using ordinary makeup first and then, only when you’re totally satisfied with the look we’ve created, will we do it for real.

6. Will it look false and unnatural?

At Perfect Makeup, never. Our aim is to create beautiful enhancements which look natural and delicate. We use carefully selected colour and techniques for more dramatic looks to ensure it never looks “tattooed” and we adhere to the golden ratio as a guide to creating features as nature intended.
The strength and depth of our makeup is based on what will look best without any other makeup.

If you want powder or ombre brows, the result will be flattering and translucent enough to look pretty. We will not perform “block” brows, cartoonish shapes and cold flat “tattooed looking” colours.

7. How long does permanent makeup last?

Several months to several years, though we recommend a “Colour Boost” between 10 to 18 months. This can vary because the pigment in each person’s skin fades differently.

8. What can I expect post treatment?

Expect the colour to be more intense than you chose for the first week or so. At this point the skin exfoliates naturally to reveal the ‘true colour’. There may be a little swelling or tenderness for a few days particularly with eye and lip procedures.

Before your treatment we’ll give you tips to reduce swelling plus all the aftercare information and products you need to make healing a smooth and comfortable process. Immediately after Microblading, the colour is not too dark or obvious and will “cool” slightly in the skin as it heals.

9. Can I wear makeup after?

Yes, of course, but for best results start by following the aftercare instructions. Once healed, you can wear as much or little conventional makeup as you want over the treated area. Using tinted glosses or sheer lipsticks over lip enhancements, enhances the underlying colour and effect of the permanent treatment, so you can change your look as much or little as you want.

10. Can I play sport or go swimming immediately after?

One key to successful healing is to keep the area dry and to avoid activities that will generate body heat for a few days. Exercise addicts can safely switch to core and floor work that don’t interfere with healing. Avoid swimming, saunas, steam rooms or sun beds for at least 6 days.

11. Do I need to book time off work?

You shouldn’t, but we recommend that you time your procedure for a week without any important social or business engagements.

12. Can I drive home after an eyeliner procedure?

Yes, at worst your eyes may be a little irritated. When we have finished your treatment we have a Perfect Ritual created to soothe, calm and cool your eyes. It is essential that contact lens wearers don’t wear lenses until the following day.

13. Can I have lip fillers such as juviderm or restalyne with a permanent makeup lip procedure?

Yes, combination treatments work very well together. Speak to us about this when booking.

14. Is permanent makeup expensive?

We don’t think so. New eyebrows work out around $40 per month ($495 in total) and Annual Colour Boost eyebrows at $20 per month ($245 in total). Compare these prices with regular beauty salon manicures and pedicures.

Imagine if your hair salon invoiced you annually. While the average botox treatment costs $300 – 350 and has to be re-done at full price every three to six months.

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