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Permanent makeup eyebrows

Few of us are endowed eyebrows of normal thickness and perfect shape. Often we have eyebrows different in length, uneven hair growth is not quite the right color, what I would like to have. Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) eyebrows not only saves the time spent on daily makeup, but also to correct these deficiencies.

What should be the eyebrows?

If you come to the master, knowing exactly what shape and colors you want to have eyebrows, permanent makeup is a simple procedure and takes about an hour.

Harder wishes “to make the perfect eyebrow”. In this case, the selection of the desired thumbnail to permanent can take longer than the procedure itself. Indeed, despite the General “canons of beauty”, in thickness, color and shape eyebrows has a lot of nuances: Hollywood, French and other schools of makeup treat them differently. How can that be? Eyebrows don’t have to be “perfect”, as long as they distract the eyes from the flaws of your face and emphasized his dignity. Eyebrows have to do the face harmonious, to give it the desired expression to reflect women’s individuality.

So, if you are not sure what you want, and permanent makeup eyebrow make for the first time – go to a professional pre-correction and coloring eyebrows, visit a makeup artist. It is better to choose on the basis of what has already experimented on himself, and not to make important decisions based on the sketch that you did before the procedure, and to get used to which you have not yet had the opportunity.

Eyebrow color

The choice of dyes used for permanent makeup eyebrows, is based on the color of the skin and hair:

– brunette and fair-skinned brunettes are recommended different shades of chocolate colors, with “cold” hair color – dark-gray tones permanent;
– blondes will suit light brown gamma 2-3 shades darker than the hair;
– brunettes with dark skin – brown is close to black (but not completely black – it is only used in permanent make-up eyes);
– brown hair and hair with an ashy or smoky tint go well together with grey tones permanent;
– the red-haired fit Golden-brown or terracotta color, but they should be more “muted” than the color of the hair;
– it is gray, not colored hair will suit brown and gray.

When choosing the color of the eyebrows it is also important to take into account the color of the eyes. A broad palette of dyes for permanent make-up allows you to choose a shade that will look quite contrasting and, at the same time, of course.

If you dye your hair, color selection for permanent makeup eyebrows is especially important because it takes several years of your decision to radically repainted at this time will lead to the need to make the correction permanent, otherwise color harmony make-up disturbed.

The thickness and shape

In the collection of stencils for any makeup artist and linergist (specialist in permanent make-up) there are over a hundred different shapes of eyebrows. The main ones are the following:


round direct
curved with kink

At the height of curvature:

high average

The shape of the eyebrows has an effect on facial expression: raised eyebrows give him a surprised expression, dropped – unfriendly, curved – playful. The selection of the form based on the natural contours of the growth of eyebrows and their correction, taking into account individual proportions of the face. The basic rules to choose the form of eyebrows with permanent makeup and makeup are:

Face shape The shape of the eyebrows
Round, broad, rounded chin Tips of the eyebrows should do and raised. When the gentle eyebrows to enhance their curve, which will visually lengthen the face. But don’t make them oval. The outer part of the eyebrow should not be too long and kink – cool.
Square, with pronounced cheekbones The rounded shape is very long eyebrows with the smooth and relatively high Flexural strength. Do not make eyebrows very thin – otherwise you will give the face the heaviness.
Ellipse Eyebrows with a soft curve and is not very long tip. If eyebrows are growing high enough – you can make them straight.
Elongated, elongated To visually expand the face will help gentle your eyebrows with a low bending. The end of the eyebrow should be closer to the level of its beginning.
Triangular, with a broad forehead and sharp chin. The optimal average length of the eyebrows. The bending is uniform and smooth. The beginning and end of the eyebrow should be approximately on the same line, but it is not necessary to make direct or “house”.
Large features Wide eyebrows
Small features Thin eyebrows
Close-set eyes or a long nose Increase the distance between the heads of the eyebrows
Short wide nose Reduced distance between the heads of the eyebrows

If you wear glasses – don’t forget to take them with you, so that you and master could appreciate the sketch eyebrows with glasses and without them. Glasses can be a decoration of makeup and can destroy its harmony. Although, of course, it is better to choose sunglasses to face, and not Vice versa. Eyebrow makeup is designed to emphasize the natural beauty, to draw attention to the eyes, to make them more expressive, and the face younger. Thus, in most cases, it is not necessary to go beyond the growth of eyebrows is quite minimal changes.

The types of permanent makeup eyebrows

Basic techniques of eyebrow tattooing are:

1. Feather. When the tool processed the contour of the painted gradient, with no clear boundaries. After this eyebrows permanent makeup look as though they are gently colored with pencil or ink. Feathering can be performed rapidly and tightly (East makeup) or soft, not too contrasty. This option is more popular because no one will even think that you have permanent makeup so natural it looks!

2. Hair technique. When performing permanent makeup eyebrows by this method, the master meticulously draws each hair. Often the best result is obtained when plotting different colors, which gives it volume. Using this technique you can increase the length of the eyebrows, to hide the small scars, change the curve of the eyebrow, outside of the border of hair growth. There are varieties of “hair” technique permanent “European”, when the hairs are drawn parallel to each other, and “Eastern” that mimic their natural weave.

3. The combination of shading and hair technique in combination with the use of different shades of pigments allows you to create a three-dimensional 3D makeup. At your request, the specialist can make a well-defined, densely shaded, and the contour of eyebrows, but it’s outdated make-up, he is no longer in demand. Currently, the shading and hair technique much more popular, because this makeup looks more natural. The cost of the procedure with the use of hair equipment and feather are the same, 3D-makeup – a bit more expensive. More on the price of permanent makeup eyebrows affect it, what supplies will be applied.


On how to conduct a session of permanent makeup, read here. Tattooing eyebrows is usually carried out under anesthesia (anesthetic cream), the use of injections required is extremely rare. Duration – about 1 hour.

After permanent makeup

After the procedure, the makeup will seem too bright, the skin around your eyebrows will be reddened and swelling, the treated surface may be a little wet – after any surface abrasions. These phenomena will take place during the day.

Still oozing, 4-5 times a day gently primakovite (rubbing is not necessary) eyebrow chlorhexidine or Miramistin (ready solution 0.05% chlorhexidine digluconate, or 0.01% miramistina – they are sold in any pharmacy).

To the next day on the skin of the eyebrows will form a crust, and makeup will seem bright enough. The crust should also be cleaned with one of these solutions. If worried about dry skin, can lubricate the treated area 2-3 times a day very thin layer of cream “Bepanten Plus” (it is also sold in pharmacies).

Your task this period is to preserve the formed crust. They function as “natural bandage” – under them is the healing permanent. The later you go the crust, the better. Usually they stay 5-7 days – all this time, the eyebrows can not be wetted with water, applied to them a decorative make-up, touch hands.

In case of any doubt that the healing is going well – please call us.

After the separation of the crusts wiping solutions is not required, and the use of Bepanthen can continue.

Within two weeks after the procedure, try not to wet your eyebrows with water – do not visit the pool, bath, sauna.

If you made permanent makeup eyebrows in the summer for 2-3 weeks, be sure to use sunscreen before going outside.

After 3 weeks, the makeup will get the desired brightness, you can estimate the result, and the necessity of its correction – call and schedule a consultation.

Frequently asked questions:

Before permanent makeup will have to shave your eyebrows?
No, the natural growth of hair does not prevent its implementation.

Whether plucked and painted eyebrows before permanent?
Yes, it’s much easier to sketch selection. But to paint them in advance, several days before the permanent makeup.

It does not hurt the hair in the treated area?
Hair follicles located in the deep layers of the skin, at a depth of several millimeters. And during the tattoo eyebrows, the depth of needle penetration is limited to tenths of a millimeter, so the damage of the sprout area of the hair eliminated.

Change your eyebrow color?
Modern pigments retain the desired color even after a few years. But over time they are absorbed by the body and applied pattern gradually fades. So, in about 2 years, if you want to makeover again became more vivid, his necessary correction.

Can I use the tattoo to make the eyebrows on those areas where they are not?
Yes, in those areas where there is no natural hair growth, to simulate their presence can be optimal in this case would be to apply the “hair” technique. Often required at short eyebrows, their hair loss ends. You can even draw the eyebrow when it is fully absent (although a sufficient degree of naturalness of the makeup in this embodiment can not be achieved). In General – all that you can draw a cosmetic pencil, can be done with the help of a permanent. Only better.

You’ve never done permanent makeup and the only plan to venture it? Start with eyebrow – permanent in this area to do not as bad as tattooing of lips or eyes. It can be done even without anesthesia. And when you verify the qualifications of the master, will see the result on your face, you will be much easier to trust him with your eyelids and lips.

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