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Correction of permanent makeup

In the vast majority of cases after carrying out permanent makeup requires its correction. Why? What kinds of correction are there?

Primary correction

Unfortunately, 100% predict how will react your body to the introduction of pigments impossible: some after healing of the skin it is loaded with 50% of the dye, others 70%. Since most women prefer the “natural” brightness of a permanent – when primary procedure, most professionals focused on the fact that the leather will maintain its maximum amount, that is the result of the tattoo will not be brighter than expected. If the tone was more light – the intensity of the color is added in the correction.

Also during the correction to finish the details, the smallest spaces are eliminated, are brought to perfection the outlines.

Even if the result after a single session you are completely satisfied, on the advice of a wizard come to: it can see what you do not notice, moreover, correction allows you to make permanent more persistent, long-term.

The correction is carried out not earlier than 1 month after the session of permanent makeup – only when color became “final” and preferably not later than 3 months.

Refresh (update permanent makeup)

Over the years, the tattoo loses its brightness and needed to be updated. The procedure can be considered refreshes only when the contours of the initial permanent preserved, and in the correction need only the color. If the contours have disappeared or you want to change their shape – this is a full session primary tattoo.

How often an update is required permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup – not a tattoo and over time, it colors not only fade, but disappear completely. When will this happen? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Not everything depends on the quality of the colors, locations and depth of their introduction. Great importance is individual reaction of the body, how quickly his cells processed is introduced into the skin – the dye but this is very individual.

In General we can say that young, this process is faster than in older, eyelid permanent lasts 2-4 times longer than on the lips. But even people of the same age in the same tattoo on the same area, made by the same master of the same materials the difference in his durability is very important.

Doing permanent makeup for the first time, be guided by the fact that his conduct correction will have about 1 every 2 years. And after only a few updates you will be able to predict how long he will last on your face.

Correction permanent best done from the same master, which he did, only him, in your medical card, there is information about what pigments he used earlier, their color indices, which technique of tattooing was used. The specialist will carry out the same procedure as last time, and permanent make-up again, will delight you and others for the next few years.

Correction of permanent makeup

Correction of someone else’s work should not be seen as a correction of permanent. Sometimes this correction is technically more difficult than the first procedure. Therefore, the rectification work of another artist, as a rule, is the primary permanent makeup.

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