Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup

 Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) is the introduction of pigments into the surface layers of the skin to a depth, measured in tenths of a millimeter, which ensures the durability of the applied pattern to external influences, the duration of its existence. But speaking of makeup, permanent make up should not be taken literally, permanent makeup is not a tattoo, not “drawing forever” is “makeup for a long time” for a few years.

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Well done looks natural permanent: rare man will know why you look so great, just waking up. With the help of permanent makeup you can not only emphasize your strengths, make facial features more expressive, but also to hide some defects of appearance.

Making permanent:

-You will always be “in shape” – in the pool, on the beach or in the fitness centre, he’s not quitting and not smeared. Your makeup ready in the moment when you got out of bed!
-The ideal line of makeup, held a steady hand of the master is almost impossible to recreate at home with the help of decorative cosmetics.
-The time you spend on a daily makeup is reduced several times.


  • Permanent eye makeup (C) after application your lashes will seem thicker, and the arrow to the desired expression.
  • Permanent makeup eyebrows will outline their shape, colour and, if necessary, density. Tattooing to do the correction of eyebrows will be much easier.
  • Permanent lip makeup will emphasize their volume, will make clear contours and natural color – saturated.

Eyelash Extensions


Permanent good looks on the faces of the young girls, but Mature women. It allows you to achieve different effects for each person – their own. Because people are not mannequins, each person is different, and especially his appearance is also unique. Therefore, the master of permanent makeup (synergist) must be a talented makeup artist. But not only a makeup artist…

Permanent makeup is a medical procedure that has the right to pursue only a specialist with medical education. It is associated with the violation of the integrity of the skin, and treat it accordingly. The master must not only know, but also carefully to observe all the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, be fluent in the various methods of anesthesia.

Apparatus and pigments for permanent makeup

The result of a tattoo depends not only on the skill of the technician play a significant role in equipment and supplies. If the permanent makeup pigment composition is introduced into the epidermis with a special tool – “dermographism”, the device, which is based on the reciprocating motion of the needle at speeds up to 200 cycles per second. We use dermography ensure maximum accuracy of this process, without lateral deviation, which minimizes trauma to the tissues. The uniformity of dyeing is controlled by the laser. Microprocessor dermograph automatically adjusts the force effects depending on the elasticity of the treated area of the skin.

Permanent makeup is most often applied products of world famous brands:

Long-Time-Liner® manufacturer of equipment and consumables for permanent makeup, the company that developed a patented method for “contouring makeup”, Germany.
Purebeau New Cosmetic® dye series Hicon cream pigments on sorbitolovy the basis for maximum uniformity of dyeing, Germany.
BioTek® is the company that owns the oldest European factory in production of equipment for permanent makeup, manufacturer biostatician pigments “Bioresistent”, Italy.

Features of dyes for permanent makeup:

They are harmless to health products of world-famous manufacturers is manufactured from natural mineral compounds and is repeatedly tested for safety.
Pigments absorbed by the body – this means that they will gradually removed from the skin. Therefore, permanent makeup, though called permanent (“permanent”), actually is stored for a limited time – from one year to ten years.
Their palette of colors is very wide, and considering the possibility of mixing different pigments – opportunities for individual selection of makeup shades are virtually unlimited.
The dye, getting into the skin, does not spread and does not dry out in it, and, like a drop of oil, stored between the cells and peeks through the top layer of the epidermis, giving it the desired color. Microscopic points are merged to the human eye into a single picture that allows you to create different visual effects.

The difference of permanent makeup from a tattoo

Despite the fact that permanent makeup is called permanent makeup, it is not a tattoo. Between them there are fundamental differences:

Permanent makeup Tattoo
The depth of insertion The superficial layers of the skin at the border of dermis and epidermis Deeplayers of the skin (dermis)
The dye Glycerol, sorbitol Water-alcohol
The particle size of the pigment 1 micron 4 microns
Color Close to natural Bright, contrasting
The duration of The pigment gradually absorbed by the body in a few years and leaves only a hint of what he was. Tattoo remains with you for life, to get rid of it, leaving scars, is quite difficult.

Preparations for permanent makeup

First and foremost, read the contraindications for permanent makeup.

If you suffer from recurrent herpes in the mouth, perform a permanent makeup lip can be no earlier than 4 weeks after the last exacerbation.

Before permanent lip makeup at the preliminary consultation you will most likely be an antiviral drug for oral administration. This is required to prevent, because the process of tattooing involves many superficial pricks that predisposes one to worsening of herpes.

2 days before the procedure stop taking drugs that reduce blood clotting (including aspirin). In day of its carrying out – no need to drink alcohol, drink coffee, exercise.

You should not do permanent makeup, microblading during menstruation. It is optimal to plan at mid-menstrual cycle.

Do not visit a hot country in a month after tattooing: direct sunlight should not affect the treated area. The same applies to the Solarium.

Don’t plan for the next week after holding permanent events that require flawless makeup: for this weeks will be healing, and you will not be able to look perfect.

In some cases, such as the propensity to allergies, in a few days or weeks before the procedure it is recommended that a trial introduction of the dye in some inconspicuous place such as behind the ear.


First, the master will ask you about possible contra-indications to permanent make-up. Be prepared to tell him the names of your medications, existing chronic diseases.

Next, you have to talk about what you expect from permanent make-up, what do you want to get (don’t forget to bring your cosmetics, which I use), and the wizard will help you to determine the capabilities of the method. You can pick out your future looks – the colors, the contours, the method of application. It’s your choice of make-up: it can be “natural”, with the selection of colors to match to the natural skin tones or “decorative” – with more vivid colors.

The specialist may recommend certain options and, in most cases, his opinion can be relied upon, but do not forget – that you choose makeup, its contours and colors that you want to get a result!

Next, skin is treated with antiseptic solution, and the wizard draws on it with a pencil or marker sketch of the makeup, which you must approve. If something does not suit you – it can be corrected, re-drawn as many times as you need until, until you’re definitely sure that it fully reflects your idea of the perfect makeup.

Before the session in medical card specialist will indicate all of the dyes, which he will use during the procedure, their color indices and the numbers of sanitary certificates.

Before performing permanent makeup on the treated areas to apply anaesthetic cream or anaesthetic injection is made.

When the anesthesia will act in accordance with the sketch make-up, the master enters in the skin dermopigmentation, like a large ballpoint pen, solutions of pigments is a very painstaking work that requires great accuracy and usually takes a few hours.

Tattooing – is it painful?

Modern devices and disposable needle for permanent makeup is designed to enter the skin through the paint very neat punctures, without cuts and cicatricial changes. However, when tattooing a violation of the integrity of the epidermis occurs, and – in very sensitive areas, accompanied by painful sensations. But they are easily removed with the help of modern anesthetics. Their proper application allows for permanent makeup painless. It will have to endure, only if the tattoo is done without anesthesia (for example, when there are contraindications to its conduct).

Healing permanent

Care of the treated area has features depending on localization:

Permanent makeup eyebrow
Permanent makeup of the eyes (eyelids)
Permanent makeup lips

With permanent makeup, you can look your best at any time of day. We can enhance your features by defining and contouring your brows, lips or eyes making you look more glamorous, younger, or to correct imperfections. Permanent makeup saves you time in reapplying makeup every morning… just imagine waking up to the perfect face!

What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing which involves applying pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. It can be used to benefit a wide range of people who would like to enhance their natural features or subtly correct them. There are many names for permanent makeup; permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, micropigment implantation, semi-permanent makeup or dermagraphics.

Although permanent makeup is a form of tattooing it is far less invasive as the needle does not go in as deep into the skin as tattooing does. We also use hypoallergenic pigments designed for the face as tattooing inks and dyes could cause migration problems for facial procedures. Permanent makeup is constantly developing and has come a long way since it first became popular. It can be used not only for makeup treatments but for medical treatments too for people who are suffering from conditions such as alopecia, cancer, vitiligo, burns and scarring, restoring their confidence.

The Benefits of having Permanent Makeup

 You will look and feel great without spending hours in front of the mirror.
There are many treatment options so you can have a natural look or a glamorous look.
The results can last years (you will need colours topped up)
It does not smudge at all.
You will save time applying make-up.
It is great for people with busy life styles.
You wake up in the morning looking perfect
It can restore confidence.

Advantages of brow treatments

 Add shape and definition for a more youthful look.
Correct sparse/over plucked brows.
Gives a face lift without the need for the surgeon’s scalpel.
It can give the appearance of realistic brows with hair stroke brow treatments.
Provides scar coverage.
You can have a defined intense brow with deeper colours or a natural look too.
It saves you time trying to draw them correctly as a permanent makeup technician can use precise measurements and draw the best look to suit your face shape.

Advantages of eye treatments

 Saves time applying eye make-up.
Good for contact lens wearers because it does not run into eyes and irritate them.
Adds extra definition to your eyes by making your lashes look thicker.
Improves the shape, contour and overall balance of your eyes.
Don’t have to worry about smudging.
You can have a soft or intense look.
Good for people with poor eyesight.

Advantages of lip treatments

 Restores the natural colour of your lips.
Repairs uneven areas of colour.
Gives a youthful, defined lip contour.
Adds a flush of colour to the lips.
You do not need to worry about your lip liner smudging or bleeding.

Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

1) How can permanent makeup benefit me? People of all ages can benefit from permanent makeup. It is perfect for those with busy lifestyles who want to save time applying makeup. Permanent makeup can enhance your features for a natural or a glamorous look that will not budge and correct sparse brows and the contour of the lips and eyes. Permanent makeup is also great for people who find it difficult to apply makeup due to a vision impairment as well as people with allergies to makeup.

2) What Permanent Makeup treatments can I have done here? Brow Treatments: Hairstroke brows: Involves tattooing hair strokes that imitate natural hairstrokes for a natural look. Powder brows: Adds a lovely, soft shade of colour to your brows. Combination brows: Hairstrokes as well as a soft powder effect to give 3D look. Eye Treatments: Lash enhancement: Adds definition to your eyes by making your lashes appear thicker and darker. Eye liner: This includes the lash enhancement with a beautiful flick on the outside of your lashes. Lip Treatments: Lip line: Defines the lip line and restores colour. Lip blush: Includes the lip line but with a flush of colour to the body of the lips giving an overall youthful look.

3) Will it hurt? We can numb the area to make any pain as minimal as possible. Although permanent cosmetics is a form of tattooing, it is considered to be much gentler and less invasive.

4) Does my natural brow hair need to be removed? No, we always integrate our work with what hair you have.

5) What will I look like straight after the treatment? Lip treatments are intense in colour after as the area will fade up to 50% once it has healed. The lips can have swelling and can also chap afterwards. Brow and eye treatments can look darker in colour and has slight swelling but this will soften in a few days.

6) When will it heal? The surface skin usually heals between 3-7 days, and 10-14 days below the skins surface. There is no exact time however as everyone is different.

7) How long will it take? You should set aside 2/3 hours for your appointment but the treatment times vary on how advanced the procedure is.

8) Can I wear makeup after the treatment? You cannot wear makeup on the treatment area once it has healed as it can lead to healing problems. However, you can wear mineral makeup straight after the treatment.

9) How long will it last? This depends on the person as there are many factors that can affect how well the pigment will be retained. But it should last for 1-5 years. Colour boosts are recommended 12-18 months after the treatment.

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