Why did my ex look at my dating profile, why did my ex look at my online dating profile

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  • And this sounds ridiculous, but - put a spring in your step, make sure you stand tall, and throw you head back and chin out You get the picture, I've made you sound like a pelican!
  • But it all depends on the woman you know her, i dont.
  • Then starts sounding pissy when i hesitate about moving to god knows where with him.
  • Whether it's been really bad, kinda awkward, or even a chance to reconnect, many people have shared this experience.

Going to change my profile pic on facebook, want a opinion. Either she deleted it to make it look like in my eyes she has found someone which is highly unlikely or she has not let me go and feels now she is not ready to date. Trying to interpret her intentions is pointless.

You re not alone in seeing your ex on a dating app

Sometime it can mean that she wants you back but its not always the case. It's not like he doesn't know what I'm about. Critique my match profile? This is a good informative article, it's worth the read.

You should be running so fast in the opposite direction from him! And knowing that, feels good. Ah, Well i guess i'm just holding on to some hope that she misses me you know, i hope she does, application form for because i really want her back.

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Ex Is Visiting My Facebook Profile. Why
  1. Rosa, good move on your part!
  2. Interpret this part of a Match profile.
  3. Devastated, I tried to fix the relationship but the more I did, the more I pushed her away until in November she blocked me on Facebook and asked me to leave her alone.
  4. Talks to me about buying a house but won't commit.
  5. Apparently I don't pedal my bike fast enough.

Ex set up online dating profile before break up. If my ex keeps visiting my dating profile, does that mean something? Maybe she cant stand to see you in the dating field again, and she misses you, and maybe she thought you deleted your dating profile cause she cant see it. But if an ex-boyfriend is simply lurking around your profile, there's absolutely no way to tell, so don't believe the apps that tell you otherwise.

Why did my ex look at my online dating profile
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Breaking up is hard to do. He's peeking to see if you've got someone else and wants to know what you're doing. Sure, you can block them on Facebook and Snapchat, but that won't stop them from popping up on the very last online platform you'd want to see them. Though most people try to put their best foot forward on their profiles, some people straight up lie.

Ex and my dating profile

Originally Posted by Rosa Tamora. He didn't respond, but he deleted his profile. Unless she's a crazy girl that just wants to stalk you.

It is just so confusing reading so many different points of view on the topic some saying kind of be there and some say ignore ignore ignore and she will come back. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Just be glad he said this now and not when you are married and expecting his baby! Obsession with my ex's facebook profile which hurts me. Was together for a lil over a year, it's been a roller coaster with this guy.

You know for me, I can look at only the photo of someone I'm interested in or want to be nosy for a month, for a year without boring. From a girls point of view, if we had just broken up and i keep looking at his profile this would be me trying to see how he is coping with out me and whether he finds a girl and moves on. And, if in fact she actually is looking at your page, it doesn't mean that she misses you, so don't get your hopes up over nothing.

Ex is visiting my Facebook profile. Why

She knows how to contact you if she wishes. Obviously you have to figure your ex is looking to mingle, but you don't actually want to witness it in action. Pretty normal behaviour checking up on someone, keeping a eye on you, you should be flattered. Ex kept looking at my dating profile then deleted his.

This guy is a piece of work. Nothing much, Just want to know how you are, who interested in you, who your new gf is, if your new gf beautiful than her, blah blah blah. If she still checks out your website she misses you. Ex seems to be checking in on me.

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Of course those two things aren't the reasons he broke up with you. Yeah I think I'll work on blocking him this weekend. But don't worry, you're not alone. Moving out there means I have to start from scratch, with someone who has broken up with me twice already. Ex is visiting my Facebook profile.

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Why would the Ex be checking me out Free Dating Singles and Personals

What is even more strange is she deletes it after I have hidden my profile so now she cant see me on it. One person, who wanted to remain anonymous, taiwanese dating culture said she saw her former boyfriend wasn't being completely honest on his profile. Can completely relate to the ridiculious explanations. Originally Posted by beyond.

Why did my ex look at my online dating profile

Originally Posted by TaraMaiden. Click Here to find out more. My advice would be no, don't contact her.

If you're worried about seeing your ex on Tinder, Bumble, or whatever app you're using to get some loving, don't stress too hard. Number of my friends think the same thing too, that he is checking up on me and wondering how come I'm not wallowing in misery. So now I am in the poo big time she now knows I am not responding to her. Might take him a while to get it into his head that you're really not interested anymore. My match profile, what do you think.

Ex has viewed my dating profile. What does it mean

My husband is talking with a fake profile with another girls. As if once is not bad enough. Intense short-term relationship now over. But I've never stopped him from drinking. Ok, dont panic, Just say a simple hello, I'm doing ok, speed dating i am quite busy at the moment so i cant really talk.

She is just checking up on you dude, means nothing but to fuel her curiosity. Ultimately, we had a row in October and split. And at the very least, even if it causes some temporary shock, papua you'll end up with a good story. It might just work instead of worrying sick in here. Give yourself a huge pat for freeing yourself from that indecisive jerk.

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