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Lips Totally Irresistible

We have already seen earlier, the microblading for brows. We also have the microblading of lips, but then let’s see a few tips for you to look around lips and fantastic without getting any kind of permanent makeup.

Not all women were able to possess the lips more fantastic world, but one thing that relieves us is that yes we have the art of makeup that can leave them shiny and irresistible, that is why below we will tell you how you can retouching to leave them as thy’ve always loved that look. The lips have many forms, there is the fine, coarse, angular, rounded, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Because of the way that you have you should take these tips, and you will see that your lips will look amazing.

If your lips have little definition, you should try liner the same shade as your lips to mark the outline, and so they look defined.

If your lips are thinyou should always apply lip glosses with hues more vivid but clear, the dark will result in noticeable thinner than they are and that will not help us for nothing.

If your lips are asymmetric, there is a way to make it look otherwise is to apply lip glosses with light tones, this is perfect to disguise the inequality that has your mouth.

If you want to refine the outline of your lips and give you a few tips of how you can highlight them:

Illuminator, apply a small amount of as a fine powder that above the curve of the upper lip for the light to reflect at that point and make it highlight.

Liner, outline your lips with a pencil the same shade as the lip continued to this, it extends the color, with a finger around the rim.

Lipstick, you should not apply more than two times this product or else you will cause to be formed sticky.

Brightness, it is important that at the end and to give volume to apply. Apply a touch right in the center both top and bottom. This is the way your lips look tempting.It is very important that your lips have a good care, you should exfoliarlos about two times a week to remove dry, moisturize and you can do this with a balm moisturizing and most importantly you need to protect it always from the sun, use sunscreen.

If these tricks haven’t been able to get the lips as you really want, you have the option to take the microblading lips, novel technique for having lips of cinema.

Updated: April 24, 2017 — 1:22 pm

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