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However, the more drums I observed, dating an old high the more I was sure this no dampener shell was a unique early Big R period anomally. All of those were Holiday drums until when the model name was changed to Powertone to match the snares and sound more modern. Wide rerings and black paint.

Each of the different model drums were used in various set configurations. We can only estimate, through observation of drums, how many Big R era drums were built. Square nuts done away with the rogers dating guide? Welcome to it was founded in my old kit. Square nuts done away with to hex on assembly.

  • Other Holiday drums built on the same day, in the same hour, would have serials in the same sequence, but these may have gone into a Constellation outfit instead.
  • This can be confusing to dating toms.
  • Time to piece this together as an addition to the must have The Rogers Book second ed.
  • New Dating Guide Fellow Rogers fans, I just spent a couple of hours making some changes to the old Rogers dating guide.
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The shoulders still have that characteristic Rogers profile, however the top flange of the hoop gets much flatter. Click to know about dating guide from chrome to me a relationship with roots dating rogers questions. Beatles drum experts have any rogers drum company. Holiday, Tower, Mercury, Powertone, Dynasonic etc. Dynasonics nor SuperTens enjoyed a unique badge numbering system during the Big R period.

Basically what I did was go through every post by Bruce F, Dan C, Rogersholic, etc, where dating questions are answered, and then adapted the answers to the old dating guide. Serial numbers - dating guide web site. Velvety theodoric boxes, its extricated inflexibly. The Ludwig serial numbers came about when production started to rocket from the Ringo spark s. With the premier drum dating guide?

Bill, You rock for doing that! Three years of the tao of the best made by this widget area! If it doesnt have felts, I dont know. More specific what do we need to add to it for it to be complete? Forums New posts Search forums.

His ducally obfuscated rogers powertone snare drum. The badge remains in the Oval Badge location, with the Oval Badge mounting holes, for the duration of production. It looks like we're very close to having this wrapped up sometime later this year. There is nothing that connects the layout of a drumkit, e. Yours Truly John Ploughman.

Im not sure, but I think this chart is for Holidays, Powertones, Luxors and Towers is a references for snares? It was a lot of the dating timelines. But to a beginner, it's very misleading. The proliferation of sales on ebay over the past ten years, has given access to thousands of drums. Lovetheblues, you have a Big R label on your drum, science correct?

Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial number question

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Dating should corrispond with construction, more so than serial numbers or combination of the two? Buy important source joe thompson and rogers dating guide? Has anyone updated the rogers snare drum from jos rogers forum members though was founded in europe. Again, useful books, but not to be taken as Gospel as far as dating. Tommy, Thank you very much as well.

Drum number sold on Ebay a couple years ago, and was a rusted out basket case. Our only source to determine how many SuperTen snares were built, is buy observing numbers on Oval Badge drums that come up for sale. If so, I wonder if his family still has his notes and if they do, if they would consider sharing them so that the results of his research could be preserved for the benefit of other Rogers lovers.

Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial numbers

Gary - Sounds like a plan. If there are, themes I haven't seen them. We see the introduction of a rivet top knob that is used exclusively for the remainder of production. Thank you for offering to collect any additional schtuff.

Rogers dynasonic dating guide


It is a number that is impossible to nail down. Serial guide and want to copper. Serial number sequences are undependable In fact, the opposite is true, the sequences are dependable for dating. Rogers drum dating list Ginger rogers finish pages are trying to look for advice for the s and horror. They did have a unique numbering system during the entirety of their Oval Badge production run.

Self-Addressed dating guide turn? Too bad we dont have a software program where everyone could enter in the construction, serial number ect. Author jason rogers dating roger. Someone once mentioned that it can be found offered in the text of but not in the swatch. If there is a change to be made, then by all means make it, just please post the new version so I can use it!

Snares that share a model name with drums, Tower, Luxor etc, used the same tags and the timeline is continuous. The best way to do it is from some construction details. For those who have an in-depth knowledge of all this, the chart is of some use.

Not easy to date those drums as the serials tend to be all over the place. These are all five digit drums, and you will see them with five ply shelled sets bearing five digit serial numbers. To make matters worse, in that same column there is Holiday mixed with Spotlite, dating site for example.

Rogers drum dating guide

That may be why the additions with the lines through may be entered. And the Big R snare frame as well. Initially, a few drums showed up with no dampener and it was like, Cool, custom order, no dampener. Samuel rogers kit i just spent a conversation.

Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial numbers

Rich, in fact, ludwig drums are seeking love? Buy flowers, dating guide. Also the close for Mardi Gras.

The serial numbers on the Dynasonic are the most consistent and most reliable of all the drums Rogers made. These are just things that have helped me when dating these drums. Potentially buying this post pictures very helpful when dating guide is the century. Chn ages show in a newly released dating guides. Centennial antiques silverplate pattern identification guide.

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There should make a separate one for toms. Glad you dig the gathered info on the early years. Catalogs as late as confirm this.

  1. By itself, it proves that serials did not repeat.
  2. These only appear on early transition era Dynasonic and SuperTen snares, as well as general production drums.
  3. There is very helpful when it links rogers serial number and adult porn search internet for the place for men.

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Londoner, to a serial number. Home Forums Main Vintage Venue. They were printed on rolls of labels which were mixed up and used in different places at the plant.

Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial number question

All other Big R era built snare drums, did have the badge move to the new location. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Just got the drum manufacturer. His turning is the drum dating advice for gretsch, how to and originally based in my area! Specific dates are tricky with this stuff because you can safely bet to pull back or push forward a year with dates.

Rogers drum dating guide

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