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New York Microblading


Introducing The Latest New York Microblading Certification Course


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Microblading offers master classes, courses worldwide that teach you a step-by-step process of the way Irina practices the Microblading

Microblading is the new black! Get the brows you’ve always wanted without the unnatural look of a tattoo. Everyone desires and deserves a natural, robust brow! Say goodbye to pencil and faded permanent make-up block brows thanks to our innovative 3D eyebrow embroidery training technique in the New York area. 
“Browway” specializes in state of the art brows that will last up to 3 years. This technique creates a brow with beautiful pigment that is certified and safe, we manually draw hair strokes in their natural direction. No Machine is used. The tattoo look is not “in,” and a machine can’t get the detailed strokes like cosmetic eyebrow tattooing classes.

Training Course Information

Their courses has been structured from start to finish with you in mind, to assure that when you complete your training, you will leave with the specialist skills that guarantee you will feel confident to perform microblading procedure, reassured in your choice of academy and with a qualification that is renowned and acknowledged by your future clients.

3D Eyebrow Microblading Class

Whether it’s called “microblading”, “eyebrow embroidery”, “microstroking”, “semi-permanent makeup”, “cosmetic tattooing”, “pigment embroidery” or “3D eyebrow embroidery”, it’s undeniable that this new technique is the new big thing in salon treatments and permanent makeup. When I first started seeing microblading before & after pictures popping up on the Internet, I didn’t really believe them. They were the definition of too good to be true! The before pictures looked a lot like the eyebrows I had seen in my day to day life as a makeup artist and eyebrow technician: sparse, uneven, short, or spaced too far apart. The afters? Perfect, natural looking, lush, symmetrical brows!

3D Brows Online: Fee: $1,000 / See special offer with combined training In order to take the online training you must either be a past student or registered for a Hands on training course with 3D Brows! Students are able to learn the key principles to esthetics and the fundamentals of microblading at their own pace, allowing them to be better prepared for the Hands on training!

Our online training is an optional program for students that want to get the absolute most out of their Hands On or Advanced trainings. Based around our “Hands On” 5 day training, the online training offers students a more in-depth understanding to microblading. With access to training materials, videos examples, video lessons, homework assignment’s and our online student community, we have found students who take this course prior to attending our hands on courses excel much more than students who didn’t. The online training includes access to our online user community and a “Getting Started Kit” for students to complete required assessments. Upon receiving the online “Getting Started Kit” online students will have 4 weeks to complete the online training assignments. Upon completion of the Online training assignments students will be awarded an advanced training certificate in microblading.

What is embroidery eyebrow tattooing?

Just like changing trends in eyebrow shapes, new and improved methods of grooming eyebrows keep emerging to help women get perfect arches. You are sure to have heard about threading, tweezing, waxing and even eletrolysis and tattooing of eyebrows, but have you heard about eyebrow embroidery? In some countries, eyebrow embroidery is also known as “eyebrow hairline stroke”. Unlike tattooing the eyebrows with a solid colour, eyebrow embroidery uses feather-like fine strokes following the direction of current hair growth, thus creating a more natural look. Also, unlike tattooing which penetrates the dermis and is therefore permanent, eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent and can last up to 2 years with touch ups. So you can most definitely change the style of your eyebrows after a while, if you choose to.

Eyebrow embroidery is an eyebrow filling technique process which is similar to those crazy Japanese tattoos. Is this an eyebrow tattoo you ask?! Well – kind of, but it is semi-permanent (meaning it can last for a couple of years depending on how rigorous you are with washing your eyebrow area). So yea – I pretty much got my eyebrows tattooed, but I LOVE it! The semi permanent pigment is pushed into your skin with a little razor by using small whisk like strokes. Literally creating little hairs on eyebrows where there is no hair. The end result is natural and looks like I simply have more eyebrow hair. There is no downtime needed after this and a tattoo gun isn’t used. Leah does this by hand and the end results are full and natural looking eyebrows. Seriously, take a look for yourself. The below photo is of my eyebrows and I didn’t have to fill anything in.

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