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Microblading vs tattoo

Microblading vs tattoo


Microblading vs tattoo

Oh, first let me make a honest confession… I’m not much of a writer or a blogger and probably the only thing that gives me a little piece of mind when writing this is that many individuals that have gone into writing and blogging lately are not much of a brow professionals either 🙂 However, although there’s rarely anything new in the brow-business, let me give it a shot when it comes to stunning the readers. How? By being brutally honest about the subject for a change.

Lately, I became interested in the art of microblading and signed up to a class. Obviously doing all that got me really excited about all the posts and stories on the interwebs about the procedure. Most of it was good or neutral but then a stumbled upon one that was published (a funny happenstance just 5 days before the class) containing all sorts of crazy sounding warnings about the microblading procedure. Basically the authors reached the conclusion that microblading is entirely diabolic and will most probably ruin your eyebrows forever. Oh-oh… being a straight-shooter that I am let me just expand on that thought a little and thus the following is just my freaking opinion and should be taken as such.

Your eyebrows will turn blue and all your hair will fall off…

Just kidding, but not really… Hey, it really isn’t too hard to come up with insane headings that get the readers scared for a sec 🙂 My first reaction when I was reading about eyebrows turning blue was obviously sincere laughter ‘cause I was sure this probs’ is a half-ass attempt of someone to be funny and stuff. But no! It was an actual article written by the microblading-haters (who are often also permanent tattoo lovers) that said: “microblading may ruin your eyebrows forever”. As the thought sounded really weird, I decided I need to do some research for starters… and I did. What were my findings? Bad news for all the blue-brow lovers – at least with the quality products it is entirely impossible to achieve that sort of result. I mean it’s literally impossible even if you really wanted. Why?

For starters, all quality pigments are natural, containing no poison or metals and that makes them dissolve in the skin anyway. And when something disappears it just disappears… sooner or later (and by later we are talking about months not decades) and it’s gone… Boof! Thus the thought of ruining your eyebrows forever with microblading can be considered perfect shenanigans that some bitter haters have come up with. Please get over it – you can’t turn them blue, nor ruin them forever.

And obviously the pigment structure isn’t the only reason. The second one from the prominent ones would also be that trying to make the pigment stay in the skin for long enough to consider skin ruined would pre-suppose cutting the flesh really deep… and I mean really deep. Even if the most incompetent microblading sadist would want to do it, the patient wouldn’t be able to tolerate that sort of pain (at least whilst being alive). Thirdly, let’s be honest – there haven’t been too many cases when some microblading artist (even with the crappiest tools ever) would have achieved blue eyebrows and even thought the authors of the article try to convince everyone that such result would be a common occurrence, it’s not.  And as I also recall them saying it’s hard to find enough pics of healed brows,  I’m telling you – there are pretty damn much more healed brows out there than some freaky blue-ones. Respect the numbers, pretty please.

There are not enough after-shots of healed brows, because those look ugly – Really, here you go!

To get a first hand experience (pun intended) of how the microblading procedure result changes over time we decided to make an experiment ourselves – our own model, quality tools, natural pigments. Please see the healed result. Looking bad? Not really. Most would say, it’s pretty good. However, that’s not important. No single image is important, because you can always find the image to suit your story from the internet. Always. And if you really want to you can find pictures of microblading gone totally wrong as you can find movie clips of people hitting their head open with an ax when trying to break a log or someone falling down six times in a row on ice. If one would make the conclusion from seeing such things that all people are like that, it would be a pretty flawed way to think about the world – not only, to think like that would be actually utterly absurd and just unintelligent.

One should give a little thought about how stupid people would actually have to be in Europe and all over the world to want more and more microbladed brows, more and more microblading training and microblading related stuff, if the actual results would look like the ones on the worst pictures. If we’d want to believe that microblading is a huge scam and a series charades then we’d also have to believe that people as a whole are really stupid – collectively and incurably. You can find extreme examples from any field in life but if you take a look at the common results that are achieved with enough professionalism, the picture looks a way different. And that brings us to the very fact that annoys the microblading haters the most – when you look at how the market share of microblading has grown due to the overall average quality of the job and the market share of permanent tattooing has fallen, the critics tend to be silenced. Wait a minute, if I’m not mistaken, Robbie Williams used to sing about the same phenomena in his hit-song “Handsome Man”:

Give in and love it
What’s the point in hating me
You can’t argue with popularity
Well you could
But you’d be wrong 🙂

The approach that was popular in the past is not guaranteed to be popular in the future, or in another words…

The times they are changin’ …

For us it’s a natural fact that old-school permanent eyebrow tattooing is steadily losing market share to microblading. However, the permanent tattooing lovers are not so cool about that. They are deeply hurt by this and there within lies the motivation to come up with all sorts of nonsense. Let’s make the things really easy. As Steve Jobs said: there are always vectors that are going up and vectors that are going down, you just have to choose which ones to be on. Microblading is a rising vector and permanent tattooing a declining one and just buying whole new expensive perm tattooing equipment won’t change that fact.

If that sort of logic would apply then people should drive vintage-cars only because those are more expensive and still move, and no-one should be allowed to buy Tesla because it’s prize is just too affordable. Self-destructing logic. As in L.Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland the untruth did not become the truth even if it was repeated 5 times in a row, permanent tattooing will not become more popular if it is just praised for false reasons over and over again. It’s a passed trend, something what was good while it lasted but is over now and you can still convince yourself to believe in it’s hype only if you surround yourself with other distorted minds.

And one last note – the gals critizising microblading decided not to start offering it in their salons. My reaction – cool! And not only, it is actually good news for me because I can create more microbladed brows for more clients in the future. Thank you very much, I’ve got no beef with that. The only thing I’ve got a little beef with regarding their statement is the whole dramatic let’s make the world a better place-story surrounding that decision. Come on! Everyone wants to make a profit, either with the state subsidisation or on their own, and if you choose other areas of business to do that, it’s fine, please just don’t try to make it look like you’re not interested in piling up more dough. I admit open-heartedly that I’m interested in making money with microblading. And I know I have to be very good to be able to do that. My future will obviously remain to be seen, however I’m convinced that at least I’ve chosen the right path.

And now you may ask, who the hell am I to stand up against the “experts” with such arrogance. Well, I’m just a gal that has participated in a microblading class and not yet graduated from that because I haven’t passed he examination yet – so basically, I stand at the exact same place as the ones that chose to critizise the microblading results claiming to be learned professionals. Or actually there is a little difference between me and them – I will start a microblading career soon and they… probs won’t 🙂

Updated: October 24, 2017 — 1:39 pm

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