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Microblading for lips

Microblading lips, the ultimate in semi permanent makeup

After seeing these tricks for lips spectacular, in this article you can see as having lips of cinema with the novel technique of the microblading lips.

The trends in the world of fashion and beauty are changing. If you follow a little the magazines of fashion andbeauty what you can see, this is why we can make you think that this novel technique of makeup semipermanente or microblading either in the eyebrows, in the line of the eyes of the eyes or in the lips can give you a bit of mistrust, but in reality it is a technique with some results that are super realistic and natural. Just think in do not have to worry about to apply the makeup as often as what we docurrently, the us makes us rethink seriously to make this treatment of microblading and have beautiful lips all day without the need to be painting them every moment. 

The treatment of microblading for lips is a makeup technique semi-permanent which consists in drawing and coloring the lips to improve the look of these, both in men as in women. The microblading helps that your lips appear more defined, fillings , and with different tone of color, eliminating the lips that are too pale and dull.

With this technique we managed to trace the lines of the lip by eliminating the use journalof pencils. The microblading helps to correct and balance the symmetry of the lips that are uneventoothintoo thick or scarredThe microblading on the lips also can enhance the color natural and the shape of the lips “perfect”.

 lips are a feature very important that dictates the beauty of tor mouthThe lips are lto smile andshow the emotionsThe lips are the “framework” of the teeth and determines the attractivenessLorlips must be well – formed and balanced, aligned with the center of the face and the lip bottom and the top mustmatch. All this can be achieved with a good job of microblading lips.

For the procedure of microblading lips perform properly it is important that the technician you do have training and experience in the design of lips  and that make an analysis complete of the form of the face and lips. 

If you want to improve the design of your lips do not hesitate to make this novel treatment, but yes, put yourself in the hands of a person skilled in the art if you don’t want surprises.


If you want to know more about microblading enters the link. If you have any question or query please do not hesitate to comment!


Updated: October 18, 2017 — 3:42 pm

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