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Eyes NYC

Eyes NYC

Just like traditional makeup, the options for application and effects are limitless. We can replicate what you wear everyday, or create the look that you can’t achieve but wish you could. Even if you’d rather have a no-makeup look, there is an option for that too! Carefully placed within the lashes we will give you an enhancement that will be ‘invisible’ and will make your eyes pop.

Eyes explained

Barely There Eye Sparkle

Define your eyes with a dark colour to create depth and the illusion of thicker lashes. This adds sparkle to all eye shapes and is suitable for all ages. This subtle effect is ideal if you don’t wish to look “made up”.
(Two appointments)


Wide Awake Almond Eyes

This is great for just a hint of a ‘made up look’. As with traditional makeup, we can create the illusion of perfect almond eyes, the difference being that this will last a lot, lot longer. Top lines can be lengthened to alter the appearance of the eyeshape, or we can keep the lines within the boundaries of the lashes.
(Two appointments)


Dramatic Eyes – Latino Eyes – Smokey Eyes

If eyes are your thing and you are confident wearing strong eye makeup this might be the choice for you. We can replicate your daily makeup, or a look that you want but cannot achieve yourself. Blending techniques, colours and styles, we can create a striking look that will be definitively you.
(Two appointments)


Russian Eyeshadow Effects

Coming soon


Read our Pre Treatment Information before booking your appointment and read our Aftercare Information for traditional permanent makeup.

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