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Eyebrows NYC

Eyebrows NYC

Good eyebrows not only define your eyes, they frame your face and accentuate your cheek bones. So how do we achieve the perfect brow? We begin with accurate dimensions. Correct length, rejuvenating shape, and the right thickness, depth and shade of colour.

Over the course of two appointments we listen, suggest and create. Our signature brow is natural and soft, never harsh and overstated.

But we love fashion looks too. One thing is certain, we stay on the side of “pretty” and respect the “Golden Ratio” so you will have brows that suit you, and we use techniques that replicate well applied makeup or hair strokes. Not tattoos! Brows are meant to look feathery and full (this makes you look more youthful too), rather than so defined they look fake.

Eyebrow explained

Natural Looking Hair Stroke Eyebrows

The closest to genuine-looking eyebrows are created with the intricate placement of pigment to replicate natural hairs and provide discreet results. This is perfect where little or no hair is present. A combination of techniques, the use of the all new Nano needle, created to rival Microblading, and traditional needle configurations works well to achieve this look.
(Two appointments)



Microblading is the newest and hottest form of cosmetic tattooing and gives the effect of ultra-fine delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair. This method works well from very light blonde brows to the darkest browns. There is no visual downtime and brows are ‘selfie ready’ immediately!

Shaded Brow

If you wish to have picture-perfect brows that have the appearance of softly shaded makeup you will be delighted with this effect. Once we have designed the most flattering shape for your brows we infuse pigment for a defined yet unobtrusive result


Combination Brows

Increasingly various methods and techniques are combined to give the ultimate natural result. Machine, microblading, shading and hair strokes can be combined to give the light, shade and hair strokes needed for a reconstruction.


Ombre Brows

Coming soon…


Tip or Tail Augmentation

If you require a small addition to correct the length of your existing eyebrows, using Microblading, hair stroke or shading, we can provide a permanent solution to ensure you wake up every day with wow brows you want.
(Single appointment)


Concealing Imperfections

Small gaps, patches or scars that require disguising.
(Single appointment)

LI Colours range

Eyebrow pigments

Read our Pre Treatment Information before booking your appointment and read our Aftercare Information for traditional permanent makeup.

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