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Brow extensions NY

Eyebrow Extensions

Secret of the Stars in Hollywood Now Available in New York at DeluxeBrows

Yes, musicians and Hollywood stars have secrets that help them look so attractive. One that’s becoming more popular with everyday in America with normal women trying to look better than ever is eyebrow extensions nyc. They bring a dramatic look, they are affordable and are quickly becoming the next big thing. And no one does them better in the New York area than Phibrows and DeluxeBrows.

eyebrow extensions

Best Eyebrow extensions in Manhattan, NYC

So what are they? Easy. You can think of eyebrow extensions in the same way you consider the more common eyelash extensions prices. They are synthetic hypoallergenic extensions (made of synthetic mink) that are added to the eyebrow to give them more color, depth or length. This can really change the whole look of the face, dramatically, for the better.

Eyebrow Extensions in New York

This means if you would like make your eyebrows thicker or longer, change their shape or cover up a mark or scar, or help fix the appearance of damaged eyebrows all this is very possible and much more. The procedure is painless and DeluxeBrows uses the best technology in the beauty industry when we apply your extensions. On top of this you can rest assured you are having highly trained and experienced technicians doing your procedure. There’s no better place to get New York eyebrow extensions ny done, than here from some of the first people in the city to offer the procedure. The colors available include: dark brown, light brown and medium brown depending on your own eyebrow shade and desire.

They last anywhere between ten days and thirty days, with the right care, that we are more than happy to explain if you have the procedure done. It’s simple and easy.

Brow extensions are a hot new beauty trend, but are they worth the cost and time commitment? We tried eyebrow extensions to find out.

String eyebrows are no longer “in”. Make a fashion statement that turns heads and explore thick and beautiful eyebrow extensions. For more information don’t hesitate to give one of our expert beauticians at DeluxeBrows a call.


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Eyebrow extensions are a hot new beauty trend, but are they worth the cost and time commitment? We tried eyebrow extensions to find out.

Updated: September 22, 2017 — 6:23 pm

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