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The bitter truth about microblading eyebrows!

The bitter truth about Microblading eyebrows! Here that hide from us the permanent makeup artist

I recommend to read for those who want to know the truth about Microblading eyebrows. The author is a master from Germany Maria Galaburda emotionally, but truthfully reveal the essence of this procedure. In the end – live from Elena Nechaeva, the owner of a network of salons permanent make-up, telling about the pros and cons of Microblading.

I was silent, observing the principles of professional ethics and the democratic freedom of action. However, a sense of responsibility towards clients and aspiring artists, as well as their obvious need for protection from bugs force me to speak and act.

With the end of 2014, Germany is experiencing a real boom in relation to tattoo eyebrows. On every corner advertised Microblading: “the most natural, modern, innovative way” miraculous transformation of Your face. This new way of tattooing “guarantees an excellent result with the finest, naturally stacked hairs of the eyebrows”.

In this way the hairs allegedly indistinguishable from their own. And the procedure itself is completely painless and not traumatic, and therefore Microblading very different from the previously used “conventional hardware” course, which the adherents of Microblading called barbaric and antediluvian. Because only with the help of Microblading possible to achieve perfect results and to obtain perfect and natural brow, which then just fade and completely disappear within 8-12 months.

The last time Microblading has a new name: the eyebrows in the technique of 3D or 6D. (No one was able to explain to me what this means…)

It — marketing. And now for the facts:


“New and modern” method is nothing other than the ancient Chinese technique of eyebrow tattooing. Her for centuries used mainly for poor Chinese neighborhoods, as long as the necessary material can be purchased pretty cheap. Thus, the poor could also afford to do the tattoo. That’s the innovation…

We should not forget that the skin of Asian women is very different from our Northern European. Asians have elastic skin with a yellowish tint and a small amount of red pigment. Our skin is loose, vascular, often with weak connective tissue. For this reason, the skin of European women react quite differently to the introduction of pigments and different heals.

2. WHAT “Microblading”?

What does the word Microblading? Right, in English it’s “mini-incisions”. And this is what happens during the procedure. A special blade mounted on a stick, dipped in the pigment, after which they incision the skin. Then, on thus treated surface of the eyebrows to apply and rubbed the pigment (so-called “mask”). This procedure is presented as non-traumatic and painless.

microblading nyc

Now the facts:

With permanent makeup (and Microblading is nothing like permanent make-up, that is, the introduction of pigment into the skin for a long time) pigments are implanted in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. The dermis is located between the upper layer of skin (the epidermis) and subcutaneous adipose tissue. To get into the dermis, it is necessary to overcome the epidermis.When working with the machine for permanent makeup the following occurs: the Needle pierces the skin (several thousand times per minute), goes in and out of her, thus creating a huge number of mini-punctures and each time paying a small amount of pigment into the skin. In other words, we get the effect of perforated leather.

What happens when Microblading?

The skin is cut with a blade to the dermis layer, as with a scalpel. Then in these cuts were introduced a pigment. What is incision? This damaged top layer of the skin, accompanied by bleeding and scarring. If the surgeon after surgery does not suture the skin, it will heal up rough, wide and ugly, as to place cut a large amount of connective tissue, to quickly resolve the trauma, “pour her rescue paste”. But as long as we are dealing with Microblading, in our case, we are talking of course about Microsemi…

microblading nyc

Advertising Microblading I often read that the procedure is painless and the skin is not bleeding. It is not so! Of course, it hurts, because is the incision of the skin: try to cut his skin with a razor, how can it be painless? And of course, she’s bleeding, as in the dermis are blood vessels. If the procedure does not act the blood, it can mean only one thing: the work is too superficial and the pigments are introduced into the epidermis. And this layer of skin is renewed every 28 days. Along with the dying skin cells pigments out of the skin and after a month there will be nothing left.

Naturally, I tried to do Microblading. Some of my friends and family selflessly gave me a “field for experimentation”. So I have an excellent understanding about this method and its implications. Fortunately, I spent my experiences are not on the faces, and in other parts of the body like the skin and subsequently removed the traces of their experiments with a laser.


The result is supposedly very natural. This is the strongest argument used in the advertising of Microblading. “The hairs are placed in a very natural way and they are almost impossible to distinguish from their own eyebrow hairs”.

Of course, the ad uses photos fresh. And I have to admit that they look very beautiful and natural. And here lies the CATCH! For only Saguramo result (3-4 weeks after the procedure) it is possible to judge about the procedure. Directly after the procedure, the damaged skin is tightened, is compressed (reaction to injury) and caused the lines look very thin, beautiful. However, subsequently the following occurs:

Wounds (incisions) heal. There microchrome (they are very visible under the lamp and magnifying glass). Made the pigment migrates to the dermis, fit. Because of this, the lines become thicker, partially blurring. Since the skin during the procedure blood, the pigment is partially mixed with hemosiderin (iron-containing pigment formed during decomposition of the blood) and placed in the skin for a long time. This is the reason that dealt with Microblading hairs so often develop a bluish-gray tint.

In order to apply an even, beautiful lines at the same depth of the skin, the master must have vast experience and a calm, firm hand. And this is a rare case in Microblading (below will explain). As a result, we are restless, often dotted lines, as the pigment is injected partially in the dermis and partly in the epidermis. And sometimes, alas, and deeper… In this case, the wizard proposes to carry out the correction procedure below to make the hairs. Unfortunately, such correction will only aggravate the situation, as it is extremely difficult to get a thin blade in the same thread.And then the formation of new, held parallel to the line of similar quality.


Permanent makeup is the introduction of pigments in the middle layer of skin (the dermis) for a long time. And it doesn’t matter what the pigments are introduced, device or blade grip. Once the pigment is in the dermis, it stays there for a certain time.

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Fading of the pigment — the process is highly individual and depends on many different factors. Metabolism, sun exposure, peels, diet, Smoking, hormones, medications… All play a role in the excretion of pigments from the skin. On average, we can say that the tattoo lasts from 1 to 5 years.

If you type pigments too superficial, they will emerge from the skin within a month, along with dead epidermis cells. If implanted too deeply, they will remain in the skin for a very long time, perhaps forever. That’s all.


Most supporters of Microblading vymirayut and draw a sketch of the eyebrows on the principle of “Golden section”, using a special compass. Thus, they supposedly create a perfect eyebrow shape.

microblading nyc

Beautiful words with the ugly consequences… Because: you can’t just draw the client’s eyebrows, guided by geometric formulas! Each person is unique and requires individual approach. A professional is required to consider each client’s integrity, given his style, shape, height, facial expressions, the habit to apply makeup, etc., etc I do not tire of repeating: to draw a sketch for permanent makeup, need only by hand without any measurements or templates. Their novice students I am allowed to hold only one measurement: when checking the length of the eyebrows.The rest is just drawn by eye.


microblading nyc

Microblading now do on every corner. Who doesn’t offer Microblading, the one behind the times. Eyebrow cut all and Sundry. Why? It’s simple:

A sound professional education in the master of permanent makeup lasts a long time, is expensive and associated with considerable investments in equipment and working material. But learning master Microblading last 2 days is 1000-1500 euros, and to buy a set for you for 300-400 euros. Now hand on heart: what can we learn at the two-day group workshop? Yesterday a man did the pedicure and manicure, and today, after a two-day seminar, it is cut with a blade the skin on the faces…

Just for comparison: to do in Germany, for example, vitamin injections, you must have at least a naturopath diploma (2-3 years of study and successfully passed exams in the Department of health).
And to cut eyebrow, enough of the two-day seminar…
Irresponsible and beyond…


I have been watching the development of the phenomenon of “Microblading” in Germany for 1.5 years. In all that time I have not seen ANY BEAUTIFUL SAGUSA WORK. No. There is no genuineness, there is no perfect fine lines. Occasionally I saw more or less successful need a lot of work submitted for review after 1-2 months after the procedure. However, in subsequent months, these more or less successful lines still turn into an incomprehensible blur.

We were constantly coming “victims of Microblading” to delete terrible results. Desperate, frustrated girls and women who “pecked” at the beautiful photos of fresh work and now I go with a disfigured face. We are constantly being removed this “beauty”. It hurts. It’s worth the money and lasts a long time. It ruins the nerves. The client initially paid for Microblading, then it, and then will pay for a new tattoo (if ever dare again to trust his face).

microblading nyc

I am often accused of lack of objectivity. Like, in the hardware method, the tattoo is also quite ugly results. Yes, it’s true. We often remove the horrible results of the hardware PM. In any method quite inept masters. BUT: It is in any time does NOT JUSTIFY further obezzorazhivaniya individuals, no matter which method: the apparatus, blade or fish bone!


Dear customers, dear girls and women!
Let’s not be fooled by beautiful pictures. Think very well, are You willing to pay a lot of money, time and nerves to spend on yourself this experiment.

Go for permanent makeup for an experienced and talented craftsmen and — PLEASE! — always ask to show You photos of HEALED work of the master. They are very different from the photos of the results. I spend about 1000 procedures per year of PM, I know what I’m talking about…

In Germany there are very good masters of permanent make-up. Experienced, serious colleagues who love their job and do it with love and great dedication. As a rule, such masters are not engaged in aggressive advertising, with a willingness to show photos of healed work honestly and openly talk about the risks and consequences of a procedure. This is exactly how masters should trust their faces, their hands will not hurt you.

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