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It is funny and entertaining but it also has a lot of life lessons in it. The girls often come to him for advice about guys because their other choices, Wyatt and Jonesy, are both hopeless. Trying everything from facials to acupuncture to get rid of them, Caitlin is finally forced by Nikki to throw out the incredibly expensive compact.

Who are the couples in 6teen

How to treat your friends, how to stand up for your friends and how to stand up against them if you think they need it. He's more intelligent and well read than his pals. What's wild is that Jude's voice is actually the voice actor's real voice. Jude almost a mix of Joey-Chandler is the laid-back member of the group.

What you mean by site location? Site location is where the job is. The characters were dynamic. They stereotype every subject in a crude, terrible manner such as nerds, Goths, girly girls, etc.

Jonsey gets a new job of the secirity camras. But while Jonesy does exhibit moments of being dumb, he's not always like that, being on occasion insightful. It's got an interesting animation style that you don't see too often and the characters are endearing. What is really appealing about this cartoon is the fact that it takes its rating to the limit. Like Jonesy, he's not book smart, Jude is very people smart on the other hand and gives his friends good advice on their problems.

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Jude is voiced by Christian Potenza. When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and cant get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding. Jen accidentally breaks Travis's arm and he's preparing for the Olympics. She always tries to succeed and never accepts defeat, she's just Monica minus the obsessive cleaning. What movie and television projects has Pedro Crispim been in?

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Who are the couples in 6teen
  • Caitlin is a new addition to the already-tight group of five.
  • Meanwhile, Jonesy lands a prime job at The Soda Hop in order to score a date with French foreign exchange student, Amelie, the hottest chick in the mall and quite possibly all of France.
  • The series ended in after its fourth season in both the United States and Canada.

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6teen nikki and jonesy

He's hilarious, outspoken, and totally confident that he's the man. The art of this cartoon is rather unique and it may take you a while to get used to it, but the plots are definitely funny and sometimes circle around important issues of growing up. You could say she has a bad attitude when it comes to authority. Will Jen be able to help Nikki keep her job? Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

She uses it to record all of her most private thoughts - the good, the bad and the ugly! The ever hopeful cheerleader, Caitlin assumes things will work out because up until now, they always have. Yeah, so maybe I'm a bit biased? Also, over the course of the show, despite only being involved with three people romantically she was treated poorly by two of them. Jen Monica is the smart, free athletic girl who always has a plan and is very organized with everything she does.

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So now she works at The Big Squeeze, which is brutal, but Caitlin figures if she can survive the humiliation of working in a giant lemon, she can probably survive anything. He is always coming up with new schemes - but they usually end up getting the group in trouble. The personality that she gives off during this walk holds strong throughout the show, as Nikki is constantly depicted as an irreverent and snarky teenage girl. Caitlins thrilled to go on her first date with a cute college guy, dating Josh. Jonesy's misadventure with cheap cologne initiates a debate as to which of the guys has the best natural man scent.

Time to hang with all my friends! If I could give it a zero you bet I would! All have their hopes for their first job, but it turns out you not always get what you want.

Nikki quits her job at the Khaki Barn and gets a new job at a cooking store. Meanwhile, Nikki keeps having a horrible dream where she makes out with Darth and can't figure out why and Wayne becomes the new employee at Burger McFlipsters, much to Wyatt's horror. She's a bit unorthodox, but makes up for it with how nice she is to, well, everyone, except those who have betrayed her anyone remember Phoebe's old guitar partner?

But through it all, our group of six best friends learn to lean on one another. Caitlin accidentally scores a date with Wayne and Jen tries hard as ever to ask a guy out. Answer It can be either website, web site, or site. Honestly, this is show is well written and it's a shame that it's ending this week.

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The character development is intricate, and the relationships perhaps the funniest aspect of the group. Meanwhile, Coach Halder is constantly shooting Jen with paintballs. They make crude jokes, but no f-bombs, and no one complains about that. Gotta new job gonna start at the mall today! After kissing each other in a dark room, Wyatt and Caitlin start to think they might make a good couple so they try to go out on a date together.

When do nikki and jonsey from 6teen

  1. What is disadvantages of couples?
  2. On total drama island why is duncan so mean?
  3. The fact that the show takes place in a mall is a nice twist on an old formula.
  4. What is the commercial site and entertainment site?
  5. He's always positive and mellow, and his attitude is contagious.
  6. She always gives other people advice, with aren't always good, but she never leaves her friends on ice.

Jonesy shows up in between his gig as guide to the mallwalkers aka elderly people. Meanwhile, Jude decides to move into the mall after he loses his house key while his parents are out of town. It just won't be tomorrow, that's all - but he can wait. Stanley shooting balls at Nikki.

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When Jude just cant seem to break up with his new clingy girlfriend of three dates, Rita, Jonesy offers to step in and do the dirty work for him. Jen's mouth is often faster than her brain and she tends to blurt out the exact wrong thing at precisely the worst time. Nikki shows her true feelings about the Khaki Barn.

What site is 6teen on

The dating thing always got in the way. Nikki is angry until she finds out that he is dating several girls at once. She elicits the group's protective instincts and loves to give dating advice.

It's only a singing program. Jen works at the Penalty Box and she is desperate to make sure no one gets fired so she isn't stuck working there alone. The teens are like a mesh up of the cast from Scrubs and the cast of Community. What are some shows similar to total drama action?

It's not the best, but the writing makes up for it. Caitlin's sixteenth birthday is weeks away and she is making huge plans to ensure that it will be the biggest event anyone has ever attended. The more he tries to help, the bigger the problem gets, but he's a type of guy who's always there for his friend.

Nikki meets a great guy named Stone at the Grind Me coffee shop. Nikki readying herself for her first day on the job in the Teletoon preview. You could make this same complaint about Friends, where they don't curse. Another thing to point out, clothing is that this all happens in a mall.

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