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10 tricks of makeup to achieve bigger eyes

The makeup not only allows us to highlight the most attractive places of our face. It may also help us to wear a different appearance to the real one. We can show (with the help of a simple trick of makeup) eyes larger and attractive. In this article you will see the way to do it:

  1. Defines the shape of your eyebrows

Plucking eyebrows properly helps the eyes appear larger. Before depilate employs a pen beige and color the hair or the area that you can spare. This will serve as a guide and instead of plucking blindly, you’ll see exactly what you are removing the eyebrows.

  1. Long, compact eyelashes

Get your lashes look as long as possible. Start by removing the excess mask on the brush and applied directly on the end of the pestañitas (in the direction of always up, to open more the look). In order to make them look more compact wait a few seconds and now apply the mascara at the base of the lashes making small movements from left to right.

  1. Used twin shadows

Using two different tones of the same color shade that you maquilles you’re going to create depth and dimension on your eyelids. Use the tone more dark first applied around the eyelid mobile and the more light in the center.

  1. Uses light shades

If you are one of those who think that carrying a smoked makes the eyes smaller, you should not abandon this style of makeup. He just changes the tone of your makeup, experiment with tones of lighter shades, and bright.

  1. Look at the tab line

Remember that it is vital to keep the greater part of the shadows around the line of the pestañitas. It is very important, because it creates the structure and shape of the eyes, in addition will make your eyes appear larger.

  1. Just tap the line

After you apply the mask and when it has dried well, apply a liquid eyeliner with the brush between the flanges with small dots to fill in the spaces between tab and tab. In a case like this trick is also will make it appear more elongated the line of your lashes without marking a line noticeable, looks natural and the effect is going to make your eyes look more big very populated.

  1. Use liquid concealers

Used liquid concealers instead of cream to correct the area under the eyes. Liquids are blurred and are best applied are more moisturizing which does not mark the lines of expression.

  1. Eyebrows more dense and defined

The best trick to make your eyes look bigger is that your eyebrows seem populated and defined. For this, use an eyebrow pencil or a brush and shadow of the shade of your eyebrows, fill in carefully any little empty space in them.

  1. Paint your lips

To use a color bright on the lips and mask on eyes is a great trick to make your eyes appear larger without the need to use shadows. You only need to erase the spots, correct well under the eyes with a concealer and you’ll be ready.

  1. Looking for a hair cut that you favor

Of course, another way to get a look more generous in size is the help of a good haircut. The bangs as well are topped of disparate, desfilados or straight frame the gaze and transform it into the center of attention so you get the effect you seek. Also you can opt for a bangs and soft short-cut on the diagonal. Yes, never let you cover your eyebrows so much that that would produce the opposite result. A few highlights or reflections in this area also help. If you’re not from the ones that are dying for bangs, you can opt for a cut with layers that tend face the cheekbones when the combs.

Updated: April 24, 2017 — 1:28 pm

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